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OpenHive.JS talks with Mikeal Rogers, part 1

For the ninth episode of OpenHive.JS , our hosts Matteo Collina and James Snell sit down with open source and Node.js leader Mikeal Rogers for what proved to be a long, detailed and insightful dive into modern data structures, the growth of open source software and community, and much more.

Currently IPLD Lead at Protocol Labs , formerly of the Node.js Foundation and in general responsible for helping to build and shape the open source community, Mikeal has plenty of insights and ideas to share with the JavaScript audience. Unsurprisingly, the conversation turned into a long one, so we split it into two parts. (Part two will be available on 7 January, 2021.)

In part one, Mikeal, James and Matteo focus on decentralised databases and encryption, touching on the reasons why factors like privacy and access must take precedence in software development, and diving into the use of encryption and keys as a solution to protect crucial data.

“"If we just move to a model where, I have a tool to build an application and Icandecentralise it, all of the sudden everything else gets much easier. Then all of the sudden I can do serverless, and I don't need to worry about overloading a centralised database. All of the sudden I can build an application, and I can kind of not care about where the data is stored."”

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