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OpenHive.js talks with Liz Parody about building communities

In this episode of OpenHive.js, Liz Parody talks about the most important elements for building communities.

This episode of OpenHive.JS was recorded across four continents, with people in Italy, Colombia, California and Dubai — a fitting setup for a conversation focused on building and strengthening global communities and connections. As our guest Liz Parody points out, it’s what you put into your interactions that matters, and this conversation is proof of that.

A self-taught, highly skilled software engineer and Head of Developer Relations at NodeSource, Liz has made a name for herself building key communities within open source. Through her work organising JSConf, Pioneras Developers and StartUp Weekend Women Edition, Liz has gained valuable insights and techniques for growing, sustaining and empowering OSS communities, many of which she shares in this episode.

“"Build, then engage and finally grow — that's how you create a very successful community."”

Welcome back to OpenHive.JS.

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