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Node.js meetup - Node Clinic from NearForm

We had another great crowd at our Node.js Dublin meetup in September. Hosted in the Microsoft building in Leopardstown, Matteo Collina featured a profile of Node Clinic, a new set of diagnostic tools to help diagnose and address application and platform performance issues and Dara Hayes giving an introduction to GraphQL with a live demo.

Node.js Dublin

If you didn't make it along to the meetup, get an overview of Node Clinic and what it can do at the recording below (remember you can see recordings of all Node.js meetups if you subscribe to our YouTube channel .) Matteo Collina walks us through the ability of the Clinic tools -- including Clinic Doctor, Clinic Bubble Prof and Clinic Flame -- to help answer questions from the business about why apps are slow or underperforming.

The Clinic tools are just what the doctor ordered if you have an application in development or in production that’s underperforming because they accelerate and simplify the process of pinpointing bottlenecks. Is it an internal bottleneck with a Node.js process? Or something external, possibly a database? Matteo demonstrates how each part of the Clinic toolset moves you through the process (though you’ll need to take the first step by reproducing the performance problem on staging, outside your production environment).

Check the video below to see the following:

  • Clinic Doctor, which assesses system health using heuristics, generates graphs and uses AI to make recommendations that may help resolve the issue
  • Clinic Flame, which uses CPU sampling to track the frequency of the issue and generates helpful visualizations
  • Clinic Bubble Prof, which collects metrics using async_hooks (a new diagnostic feature from Node 8.5) and lets you track latency between operations, presenting the most detailed visuals of all to help diagnose the root cause of performance problems.

Try Node Clinic and see more about the September meetup

If you’d like to experiment with Node Clinic, go ahead and visit . We were also happy to have a second speaker at the September meetup, Dara Hayes, with a light-hearted introduction to GraphQL. You can see both Matteo and Dara’s presentations on our Node.js meetups playlist.

Come along to Node.js Dublin: pizza, skills sharing and more!

nodejs dublin meetup

Our monthly Node.js Dublin meet-ups are a great place to meet like-minded folks from the Irish dev community, hear directly from the NearForm team, and get comfortably numb with pizza and beverages. Why not come along next time or better still, get in touch if you would like to speak!

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