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Microsoft Loves NodeConf Remote 2021

NodeConf is something we look forward to every single year. The Node.js community is vibrant, diverse, and inclusive, and we love that we can help make NodeConf happen and bring the community together, in a unique, online, way this year again.

Node.js is widely used and supported by many different teams at Microsoft. Moreover, several of our customers rely on our tools and platforms for their Node.js codebases. 

As an example, we have built out support for Node.js in Visual Studio Code and Node.js on Azure.

We are invested in Node.js for the long term, and we want to help the Node.js community grow.

We are missing the opportunity to meet with Node.js developers in person this year, and we are putting all our energy into connecting virtually.

Meanwhile, we invite you to check the technical resources below, including our brand new portal for Javascript Developers:

Enjoy NodeConf Remote 2021!!!

This blog was written on behalf of Microsoft by Juarez Junior, Azure Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft Ireland.

Microsoft Ireland is a silver sponsor of NodeConf Remote 2021.

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