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Lessons from a Journey to InnerSource - The Apache Way (Part 2)

In part 2 of this podcast, Danese Cooper chats to Dr Roy Fielding about some of the problems faced with teaching corporate newcomers coming into open source projects, the barrier to contribution and how reducing this barrier helps an organization. They discuss the importance of individual involvement and why the Apache Software Foundation has been so successful. Roy also offers his advice for the InnerSource Commons community in relation to their goal of transforming the Tech industry.


In Part 1, Danese & Roy talked about the Apache Way, the history behind it, what it is and how it informs InnerSource. They also spoke about the role of research in legitimizing the Apache Way and how small steps can result in big changes in organisational collaboration.

About the guests

Roy T. Fielding is a Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems Inc. and Chairman of the Apache Software Foundation . Dr. Fielding is best known for his work in developing and defining the modern World Wide Web Infrastructure. He is the primary architect of the current HTTP/1.1, co-author of the Internet Standards for HTTP, Uniform Resources Identifiers (URI), and URI Templates, and co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation Danese Cooper is VP of Special Initiatives at NearForm and ran the first Open Source Program Office at Sun Microsystems starting in 1999. Some of the open source projects she helped release included Apache Tomcat,, NetBeans, Sun Grid Engine, GlassFish, OpenLDAP, OpenSolaris and OpenJDK. Along the way she became a FOSS advocate, serving on the OSI board for a decade, advising major projects such as Mozilla, Ubuntu, and Drupal. She has been a Member of the Apache Software Foundation for 15 years and was also the first female CTO of Wikimedia Foundation and the first Chair of the Node.js Foundation. If you're new to InnerSource, NearForm can help.  You can learn from our experts with hands-on experience of implementing InnerSource at enterprise scale. Get in touch about our InnerSource developer days, training and consultancy offers or to arrange an initial evaluation with Danese Cooper.  Contact us today to find out more.

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