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Lessons from a Journey to InnerSource with James McLeod at FINOS

Danese Cooper talks to James McLeod, Director of Community at the FinTech Open Source Foundation - FINOS , about his journey to InnerSource at Lloyds Banking Group.  James recently joined FINOS to pioneer and educate the Financial Services adoption of Open Source.  In this podcast, you can learn how he overcame the challenges in establishing cross-functional collaboration within the regulated banking sector and how InnerSource is more than an engineering methodology. Find out how to dispel common misconceptions, discover your diamonds and learn to adapt by starting small.

Different Perspectives with NearForm · The Journey to InnerSource at Lloyds

If you're new to InnerSource, NearForm can help.   You can learn from our experts with hands-on experience of implementing InnerSource at enterprise scale. Get in touch about our InnerSource developer days, training and consultancy offers or to arrange an initial evaluation with Danese Cooper.    Contact us today to find out more.

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