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Five Ways Node.js Benefits Today's Digital Enterprise

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From speed to market and modern architectures to developer skills and the Open Source community, discover how Node.js benefits today's enterprise. Prior to the cloud, software was built and delivered as single monolithic units requiring dedication of significant resources capable of running for months, or even years, without restart. Building cloud-native projects requires a shift in paradigm to a model of continuous delivery and continuous evolution of decomposed microservices that the previous generation of runtimes was not designed for.  Node.js is now one of the fastest growing runtimes in the cloud and this eBook takes a look at the reasons why many global brands are adopting it.  As of today, Node.js has been used to develop all kinds of user-facing applications, whether these are net new projects or involve the modernisation of existing applications. In the eBook you will learn:

  • How Node.js is improving developer productivity
  • Some of the ways in which you can use Node.js to reach optimum performance of your applications
  • Why Node.js has fuelled both microservices-based and serverless architectures

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