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NearForm Contributing to OpenSSF Alpha-Omega Project

NearForm Contributes Security Engineering Resources to Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) Node.js Supply Chain Security Pilot Program

NearForm is proud to announce that it will be contributing security engineering resources to the OpenSSF Alpha-Omega Project , focussing on better supporting open source security standards and practices within Node.js.

As a highly popular JavaScript project, Node.js faces many of the challenges that community-led initiatives must deal with, namely the lack of time, people, and expertise for comprehensive security measures, exacerbated by the fact that the majority of companies whose products and services rely on Node.js do not contribute back to the project. This project aims to encourage more organisations that use Node.js to give back to the project.

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Node.js Development @ NearForm

By providing security engineering resources to this project, NearForm hopes to help relieve the pressure faced by Node.js project maintainers, some of whom work for NearForm.

These efforts, alongside Trail of Bits, will support the Node.js Technical Steering Committee , help triage reports, steward security releases, improve security broadly for Node.js and encourage implementing best practices in JavaScript projects across the industry.

As a company that was built on the belief that web technology and programming languages such as Node.js would enable us to solve real-world problems in the quickest manner possible, it is an honour for us to work on the Alpha-Omega project.

With our organisation currently receiving 1.2 billion monthly NPM downloads, we remain committed to growing the JavaScript ecosystem through contributions to Open Source.

“I am thrilled about this collaboration, not only as it continues to build the vibrant Open Source community and encourage further collaboration, but also because this new project will enable NearForm to double its Node core team. I can’t wait to see what the future of the Alpha-Omega project brings and the benefits that bolstering Open Source security standards will have on the wider digital ecosystem. Matteo Collina, Chief Software Architect, NearForm.”

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