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NearForm is working with organisations who want to learn more about Innersource – the approach of using open source practices within proprietary organisations to take advantage of the open collaborative way of building software. Our combined experience in harnessing modern open software methodologies to bring products and services to life enables us to share the lessons and benefits of implementing InnerSource at enterprise scale.

About the book

In Danese Cooper’s book Adopting InnerSource she discusses application of open source principles and practices to create in-house software is taking off in the corporate world. Known as InnerSource, this development strategy lets development teams collaborate and share code to speed delivery and improve quality while helping to eliminate silos and bottlenecks. With this practical book, you’ll explore case studies from Bell Labs, PayPal, Ericsson, Nike, Bosch, and Europace that demonstrate why and how InnerSource can work in your organization.

About Danese

Danese Cooper Danese is a renowned Open Source leader and VP of Special Initiatives at NearForm. A technologist, strategist and evangelist, she joined NearForm from PayPal, where she was Head of Open Source, the Inaugural Chairperson of the Node.js Foundation, and founded Prior to that, she was the first Chief Open Source Evangelist for Sun Microsystems and the first female Chief Technology Officer of Wikimedia Foundation. She specialises in healthy Open Source communities and has served on the Boards of the Drupal Association, the Open Source Initiative, the Open Hardware Association and has advised Mozilla and the Apache Software Foundation. She has also run a successful Open Source consultancy which counts the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SETI Foundation, Harris Corporation and Numenta as clients.


NearForm works with all types of enterprises, harnessing modern open software to bring products and services to life. Whether it’s product prototyping and design or software application, platform development or helping you build a secure DevOps-enabled engineering team to support your applications, we are here to help.

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