NearForm is delighted to attend this year’s Fullstack London. David Mark Clements will give a talk entitled Speeding Up React SSR with ESX and a workshop entitled Graph QL, Simplified. Cian Foley will give a talk discussing Stripping Down Components with React browser Hooks

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Thursday 11th July

11:30 – 12:00h
Speeding Up React SSr with ESX
David Mark Clements

React is a hugely popular frontend framework that revolutionized the frontend development world. React is built primarily for the browser, while Node has fundamentally different operational constraints to the browser. As a Principal Architect and Consultant it has become painfully clear that React’s Server-Side Rendering is a performance bottleneck for web backends around the world. During this talk David will share and demonstrate a very simple solution that can be dropped into pre-existing React applications to significantly improve Server-Side Rendering throughput.

Read more about React ESX here or watch David’s talk from React Amsterdam here. 













Friday, 12th July

10:45 – 11:15h
Stripping Down Components with React Browser Hooks
Cian Foley

Often times, developers directly access specific browser functionality/events within react components. The specifics take time to research and implement, especially given cross-browser considerations and other nuances. It can also negatively impact the readability and fingerprint of a component, and sometimes developers might even forget to tidy up. Based on their research, the same functionality is being implemented over and over again, and significant time is being wasted re-inventing the wheel.

Custom React Hooks make it possible strip out and abstract full slices of related browser functionality into tidy, testable, reusable atomic libraries. This means that developers can import and use hooks that completely abstract this functionality, keeping their components clean while improving productivity and quality.

During this talk Cian will:

  • Provide evidence of the problem based on our experience/research
  • Show a real example of how such a hook could tidy up a component significantly
  • Demo the various functions that have been wrapped up neatly for re-use in their React Browser Hooks npm package

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Friday, 12th July

14:15 – 16:15h Workshop
Graph QL, Simplified
David Mark Clements

Use React? Use GraphQL? Love Hooks? Graphql-hooks is a new GraphQL client for React with a hooks-first API. It’s super fast and weighs only 1.9kB gzipped.

The motivation behind graphql-hooks was a barebones GraphQL Client, focused on speed and lightweight. Both Apollo and Relay have pioneered how to use GraphQL on the client. However, over the years they’ve grown in size and complexity. This has increased the barrier to entry for new developers excited to try out GraphQL.

In this workshop, David will be demonstrating how quick and simple it is to get up and running with graphql-hooks. He’ll also do a direct comparison with Apollo using the Next.js example.

  • A simple GraphQL server using fastify
  • Integrating graphql-hooks with a CRA app
  • Add Caching
  • Add SSR
  • Add Pagination
  • Live refactor of Next.js with-apollo to use graphql-hooks

Read David’s article in Smashing Magazine for Tools, Techniques, And Tips For Making High-Performance Node.js Servers.

We love what Graph QL Hooks, a super lightweight GraphQL client for React with first-class support for hooks, can do. Check out Jack Clark’s post *here* for an introduction and links to more tips over at GitHub.




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Introducing Clinic.js

Clinc.js is a suite of Node.js performance analysis tools that help you understand your code’s behaviour and get to the bottom of system performance issues. You can learn how easy it is to use Doctor, Bubbleprof and Flame on

We often get asked about our stickers so here’s the lowdown.

Pino – Pino is a low-overhead, newline-delimited-JSON logger with close compatibility to Bunyan.

OSIA – Open source is Art. It is an expression of creativity. As with art, open source has a community. We design, we create and contribute to protect and evolve our craft, node.js, so that it is sustainable for the future. 

Clinic.js – Clinc.js is a suite of Node.js performance analysis tools that help you understand your code’s behaviour and get to the bottom of system performance issues.

Fastify – Fastify is a web framework highly focused on providing the best developer experience with the least overhead and a powerful plugin architecture.

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