The proven choice for public health

Delivering a tested, trusted, effective digital contact tracing solution that is currently used by multiple governments and health authorities around the world — and can be built and deployed within 30 days.

NearForm EN Solution

Currently available or in development across multiple jurisdictions in North America and Europe, our COVID-19 contact tracing app is a proven solution for governments and health authorities seeking to augment existing efforts.

Our fully featured, GAEN-based app goes beyond basic exposure notification, offering symptom tracking, statistical updates, language localization and more, all customizable according to local needs. The apps are interoperable, giving users confidence while traveling, and ensure user privacy at all times.

All States want a proven GAEN solution with minimal fuss but each state will have different requirements, rules and budgets.

digital contact tracing solution example 1
digital contact tracing solution example 1

The NearForm solution is for PHAs who need some or all of these:

  • A public Covid App deployed extremely quickly
  • A cost-effective solution with free AWS hosting for 6 months
  • High levels of public adoption

  • Specific requirements, around integration of CTC and other systems

  • Engagement with already successful PHAs who are using the NearForm solution

  • Extensive multilingual content in-app

Why choose NearForm?

The only contact tracing solution that has been adopted by nine countries and US states including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York state, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Gibraltar.

Open Source technology based on NearForm’s COVID Green. This is one of just two Open Source contact tracing solutions adopted by the Linux Foundation Public Health organisation.

A population coverage of more than 55 million people by October 2020 with an average adoption rate to-date of 35%.

83% of users opt-in to share anonymized data and phone number with PHAs.

Cross-border interoperability across jurisdictions in the US via the APHL.

Rigorous privacy, security and data protection testing by multiple jurisdictions with rigorous accessibility testing by multiple jurisdictions.

Borderless tracing

Fully interoperable, proven GAEN-based contact tracing solution

Symptom checking

Daily user check-in and symptom logging capability

Privacy protection

Gold-standard privacy and user anonymity protection with data stored only on the device

News & updates

Statistical breakdown and updates on the regional spread


Ability to quickly add new features, languages and customizations to the app post-launch


Integrations to multiple systems including CTC, Lab and ERP

How does NearForm deliver?

Phase one

  • NearForm begins iOS/Android App build and back-end deployment to AWS immediately
  • NearForm does integration and test with APHL key server and verification server
  • NearForm does integration and test with CTC CRM
  • NearForm deploys to App Store and Play Store
  • NearForm provides L2-L3 support

Phase two (Week 2+)

  • NearForm implements any further customizations, additional functionality or additional integrations required
  • NearForm deploys updates to App Store and Play Store

See how Ireland’s contact tracing app works

What is required from the State?

NearForm will work with each state to ensure successful development, deployment and launch. Each public health authority needs to supply the following:

  • You request ENS entitlement from Apple/Google (facilitated by NearForm)
  • You sign-up for APHL key server
  • You provide App/Play Store credentials for App uploading
  • You work with NearForm on optimal launch playbook
  • You kick-off marketing and launch campaign for the app using best practices

You provide

  • Risk score settings
  • Symptom Tracker specification

  • State stats access

  • Info site content

  • All text for screens

  • CTC End-Points