We aim to live in a world without bias or unnecessary boundaries. 

Cian O’Maidin, CEO

What Open Source Means to Us

One of NearForm’s core philosophies is to give more than we take from the world. We are a zealous open source company and consider it our duty, as good citizens, to bolster our community and to support worthy contributors whenever we can.

With an unrelenting focus on accelerating the progress of modern software delivery, we are uniquely positioned to cultivate and mature disruptive technologies. NearForm’s work in open source software (OSS), and our contribution to the Node.js project in particular,  builds value for the wider ecosystem – and we can weave this accumulated value back into all that we do.

What Open Source Means to Your Enterprise

But what can open source do for business growth? Well, quite a lot actually. OSS has become the fulcrum of digital transformation. As a collaborative platform with a continuously expanding community of contributors, the investment in OSS development and innovation cannot be matched by any proprietary equivalent. Undoubtedly, OSS represents the substrate on which the future of software rests.

The onus now is on companies to embrace the opportunities of OSS or risk being left behind. We have seen first-hand the competitive advantage that open source solutions can bring to your enterprise. From a practical point of view, OSS delivers attractive cost benefits. Our customers enjoy faster features and bug fixes and, since vendor lock-in is not an issue, there are none of the unwelcome surprises that crop up with closed or semi-open products.

Open source is not a passing trend, it is a reliable, scalable option – and it’s the future of digital modernisation.

Our Community Involvement

We heartily encourage engagement with the open source community and we are proud of the many projects we’ve created and contributed to so far. Our main commitment is to Node.js. We help to maintain the Node.js runtime, as well as a significant portion of its ecosystem.

We also give back by supporting key Node.js collaborators and several members of our core team sit on the Technical Steering Committee – the governing body of the Node.js Foundation.  We are the largest contributor to the Node.js project.

NearForm also organise NodeConfEU, the key Node.js event in Europe for the Node.js Community.

Whether leading or following, NearForm is dedicated to sustainable open source.

Node.js Core Contributions

Node.js is the open source software environment that we specialise in and NearForm is one of the most prolific Node.js Core contributors. So far this year, we have authored and reviewed 81% of the total 1,949 commits.

We leverage the great potential that the Node.js environment has for application development, sponsoring frameworks and libraries and directly developing many projects ourselves.

Our latest project is Node Clinic – a suite of diagnostic tools designed to help developers and architects identify and solve Node.js performance issues.  Free to install, we continue to develop great tools in this suite such as Clinic Doctor, Clinic Flame, Clinic Bubbleprof and Clinic Upload.

We ensure projects meet coding standards necessary to de-risk adoption of new pieces of open source by the enterprise.


Projects created by NearFormers or contributed to by NearFormers

NearForm is one of the most active Node Core committers

Square building with cross on it symbolising a clinic for Node.js

Node Clinic is a suite of Node.js diagnostic tools to identify & solve performance issues.

UpRing provides application-level sharding, based on Node.js streams.

0x delivers flamegraph profiling for Node.js processes.

Green symbol with Pino text as logo for Pino

Pino is the world’s fastest Node.js logger.

Udaru is a policy-based authorisation module.

Hapi is a rich framework for building applications and services in Node.js

Mosca is a Node.js MQTT broker.

Fastify is a fast, low-overhead web framework for Node.js.


With a strong, stable core and an ever-evolving package registry, Node.js has experienced huge growth in recent years. This expanding package registry, or npm module, is a critical toolkit when building applications in Node.js and it offers the majority of functionality required by any developer.

NearFormers have a long history of nurturing and sustaining the npm ecosystem and it is now one of the largest and most successful around. Our software developers and architects play a key role in producing, sponsoring or maintaining the numerous npm modules that are used every day by people all over the world.

Just look at the numbers:


npm modules are currently maintained by NearFormers


monthly downloads of our open source npm packages

Last month NearFormers:



of all commits
to Node.js core.



of remaining commits
to Node.js core.

How to contribute

Open source is not just a one-way street. If, like us, you have derived
huge value from Node.js projects, there are many ways to support the progress of OSS.

Community Events

Events are an important part of keeping our open source community in touch and making sure that it continues to flourish. We are busy throughout the year, organising and attending events that support the development of our community.