Webinar Invitation: Creating an Environment for Accelerated Innovation

Thursday 20th June 2019 – 15.30-16.45 GMT +1

Speakers & Panel Members:

  • Gordon Suttie – Director, Digital Advisory, EY
  • Patrick Stuart – Senior Director of Product, Skycatch
  • Conor O’Neill – Chief Product Officer, NearForm
  • Clare Dillon – Head of Strategic Partnerships, NearForm

The role of IT in the organisation is not just about technology and solutions anymore, it’s about agility and speed and the way of ‘doing’ IT to become dynamic responsive service providers to the business.

We’ll be exploring how IT organisations are successfully becoming innovation leaders, why innovation sometimes fails and the obstacles to avoid.

We’ll discuss when and how to disrupt existing delivery models and share some of the best practices in accelerating innovation across the rethinking of approaches to people, processes and technology.

This event is run in association with Global Business Intelligence.

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