“How to write confidence-inspiring modules with breaking change detection”
By Agata Surgot

July’s Node.js Dublin meetup welcomes Stephan Bönnemann, as he shares his thoughts on Node.js. The meetup will be hosted at Intercom’s Dublin office. You can register for the event here.

About this Node.js talk – “Dependency hell just froze over”

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_“There are over 150,000 packages on npm today, which makes it the biggest ecosystem out there. Using the right packages in your applications makes JavaScript a joy to develop. But if even immensely popular libraries fail to declare and communicate breaking changes, how can we trust over 50,000 strangers who developed all these


Currently we can’t. Let me show you how you can write confidence-inspiring modules with breaking change detection and fully automated and tested releases including changelogs. Machines do a way better job with this than buggy humans.”

Stephan Boennemann

A little bit about Stephan


Guest speaker Node.js


Stephan is a web developer, who as of recently lives in Berlin, Germany. “I try to do things that help other people to build a better web. Be it open-source projects like Hoodie, tooling like semantic-release, as well as talks about these projects or community work and conferences like  .concat()  and  Reject.JS“.




When and where?

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Our monthly Node.js Dublin meetup will be taking place on Thursday the 30th of July.The meetup will be hosted in Intercom’s Dublin office, Stephen Court 18-21 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin. Doors open at 7:00pm. Register for the event here.

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About our Node.js meetups

We run this meetup to give attendees the opportunity to discuss relevant topics, ask questions, network and above all have fun and socialize with fellow members of the Node community.

Stephan’s talk will be followed by a questions and answers session, rounded off with the opportunity to chat and socialize.

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Did we mention the free Metalman beer and pizza?

Metalman is a local Waterford brewery that produces American style pale ale all year round and seasonal beer every month. How could you not love a Node.js meetup!


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