Vote Yes for Marriage Equality
By Cian O'Maidin

Reversing Polarity

In school my geography teacher talked about different types of industry and how some were tied to locations i.e. in heavy manufacturing the manufacturing needed to take place close to rail or sea transport hubs to make distribution of the product cost-effective, in the pharmaceutical industry location was tied to having a high quality local staff to work at the manufacturing plant.

In the software industry things are a little different, the output product from the process of manufacturing software is code. Code can can be instantly distributed to any location on the planet with an internet connection, similarly the workforce building software can work from any location.

In an age where “software is eating the world“, talented software developers are the new kingmakers of industry.

World IT centers such as San Francisco, London, New York, Berlin, and Dublin all have thriving software industries and software developers moving to these cities can jump from company to company over time and make big money. This life is not for everybody, especially when people start to settle down and have families.

What is the point working long hours if you don’t get to spend any time with your family? Possibly both you and your partner are working full time and your kids are in childcare from 08:00 to 18:00 each day?

I have spent allot of time in most of the software capitals of the world, and I have the fortune of spending most of my time with software people. Software developers like to hangout with interesting people, they like to work on interesting problems, they like to eat nice food, drink craft beers, and make fancy coffee.

Many of my friends in the software industry are also gay, lesbian and transgender. Some of my gay friends are married with kids. I have to say these people are the some of the best and most inspirational people I have met in my life. Many of my friends live in evolved places like California.

Bringing it all together:

I started my company nearForm with some great people 4 years ago. I felt the call to move to San Francisco and wanted to move my family out of Tramore, but my wife and daughter convinced me to make my life here and to build nearForm here.

We’re doing it, we’re winning big business deals all over the world, and we are making allot of our software in Tramore, there’s a really big opportunity for us to create something lasting and of scale.

nearForm is now in a major growth phase – and people are now starting to relocate from San Francisco and other software capitals of the world to Tramore!

It’s now entirely possible that Tramore can become the go to place for international tech companies to base themselves, but we have to make this place hospitable and show the world that Ireland is an evolved society that treats everybody equally.

We don’t need much to make Tramore perfect – the odd good summer, good coffee, beer and quality jobs for people.

More people want to move here – lots more people.

Things don’t have to be the same as they used to be where the brains of Ireland were forced to move abroad for jobs is no more.

I’m hoping that YOU vote YES to marriage equality on the 22nd of May to make our town and our country a place where we treat everybody equally.


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