Thanks to everybody for making the Node Foundation happen
By Cian O'Maidin

It was about 18 months ago when people realized that Node.js needed to be put into a foundation. Over the lifetime of the project, many passionate people have been working to help what was once a science project to become a mainstream technology. Now, Node.js is in a foundation and that foundation is strong, including major enterprise companies. This will lead to acceleration in the adoption of the technology.

Node.js will power the innovations of this generation.



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Today is a day when many people need to be thanked for the huge personal effort they have put into the project and for showing the levels of patience and humility that were needed to enable the Node Foundation to form.

When I first heard about the Node community, I can remember people saying how the Node community was different and how amazing it was. Today we can carry that badge with pride – the Node community is awesome.

Huge thanks the folks who worked on the advisory board to make the Node Foundation happen – especially to Scott Hammond and the team at Joyent, to Todd Moore and Dave Ings at IBM, to Gianugo Rabellino at Microsoft, to Jim Zemlin and Mike Dolan at Linux Foundation, to Dan Shaw at Node Source, to Chris St-Amant at Netflix, to Danese Cooper and Erik Toth at PayPal, to Issac Schlueter at NPM Inc, to Chris Williams at ETA, to Isaac Roth and Bert Belder at StrongLoop, and especially to Mikeal Rogers whose deep passion and unwavering determination shone through during this transition.

Further thanks to supporters including Bill Scott, Travell Perkins and to the folks at Modulus, YLD, GoDaddy, Famous, Code Fresh, Groupon, SauceLabs and SAP.

The Node community is united. We hope that in the future this community will become a template for other communities in open source.


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