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How to integrate security into DevOps

NearForm and Sqreen are delighted to come together to share their insights on DevOps and security integration.Some topics covered during the discussion:What is the biggest challenge around DevOps and Security?What hinders better

Building Docker images in Go

Adding flexibility to our docker image build process For the NearForm Node.js Docker distribution we we wanted to add some flexibility to our build process for docker images in order

Wormholes in JavaScript

Wormholes in JavaScript If you are writing JavaScript (or any other language) and care about performance for algorithms, it’s important to understand how computers work underneath. Computers are interesting machines.

How to manage Node.js sudo free with NVM

Using NVM to enable sudo free usage of any node or npm based commands There are many ways to install Node.js, from operating system package managers to single version

Zed Attack Proxy in a CI Pipeline?

Adding Automated Penetration Testing to CI Pipelines Testing, particularly around security, is a core part of the ethos of all NearForm development teams. In many organisations, penetration testing can often

Announcing Pino V5.0.0

What is Pino? If you’ve not heard of Pino before, it’s a low-overhead, newline-delimited-JSON logger with close compatibility to Bunyan. The idea behind Pino is to provide the lowest overhead JSON logging

RocksDB & Nodejs – Damian Beresford

Developing a Node.js native module for RocksDB Damian Beresford talks about his recent experience developing a Node.js native module for RocksDB. We'll look at RocksDB, learnings from

CSS in JS type checking

How the introduction of the CSS in JS can improve the first render time of a Progressive Web Application

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