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10 Tips for successful DevOps

Below is a summarized version of our original article 10 Recommendations for Making DevOps a Success at Dzone. A recent State of DevOps report shows that organizations which adopt

Meet the NearForm team at JSDay!

It’s not long until Ireland’s FIRST ever Javascript conference and we’re so excited to be a part of it! We have to give a huge congratulations to the organizers for

How to use GraphQL in React using hooks

What are Hooks? React Hooks, introduced in version 16.8.0, are reusable stateful logic functions. They aim to simplify the development of complex components by splitting them into small functional

Speeding Up React SSR with ESX: Tech Talk Video

Overcoming React Performance Bottlenecks React is a hugely popular frontend framework that revolutionized the frontend development world. React is built primarily for the browser, while Node has fundamentally different

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