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Running TensorFlow Lite on NodeWatch/Bangle.js

Bangle.js: a smartwatch with JavaScript and TensorFlow You probably heard! We hacked a smartwatch to run JavaScript and also put TensorFlow on it, allowing it to do hand-gesture recognition using

Introducing GraphQL Subscriptions Support

The open-source community thrives on collaboration, feedback and support. As a community, we continue to enhance and improve GraphQL Hooks, a super lightweight GraphQL client for React with first-class support

OpenSource is Art: Tech Talk Video

Cian' O Maidin CEO - NearForm talks about how Open Source is Art, what it means to NearForm and how we supports the artists with the use InnerSource in

Node Certification: What to expect: Tech Talk Video

Node Certification Overview Two official Node.js Certifications were released in October of this year: The OpenJS Node Application Developer Certification and the OpenJS Node Services Developer. Primary author and technical

Node.js Feature Livecoding: Tech Talk Video

Rebuilding a Node.js feature from scratch Anna re-builds a simple Node.js core feature from scratch on stage, giving insight into the internals of Node.js and the process around making changes

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