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Managing load in Node.js with under-pressure

The Fastify plugin under-pressure offers a simple solution to detect if a Node.js application is under load and apply a circuit-breaking mechanism. When Node.js was created in 2009, it

Uncovering secrets in Fastify

Learn how the fastify-secrets-* plugins let web apps access secrets from different storage mechanisms inside Fastify applications.

Unraveling the CORS mystery

A seasoned backend developer corrects misconceptions about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), a technology often suggested as a solution to fix the backend.

Adding a permission system to Node.js

Is adding a permission system in Node.js desirable — or even feasible? James Snell explores the challenges, workarounds and potential payoffs of permissions in Node. Every so often we

5 benefits of Node.js for digital enterprise

Widely used across all industries, Node.js is at the heart of projects that require superior user experience to help generate increased sales, improve customer engagement and build better brand

Microsoft Loves NodeConf Remote 2020

NodeConf is something we look forward to every year. The Node.js community is vibrant, diverse and inclusive, and we love that we can help make NodeConf happen and bring the

Join IBM at NodeConf Remote 2020

NodeConf Remote is coming 2 November, and while it will be a bit different this year with everybody being remote, it will continue to be a premier showcase and reunion

Red Hat at NodeConf Remote 2020

Red Hat is heading to NodeConf Remote to partner with IBM in demonstrating a few of our favorite production-quality tools and solutions, all designed to help your team maintain productivity

Bloomberg at NodeConf Remote 2020

At Bloomberg, we <3 Open Source. This might come as a shock to those who view Bloomberg solely as a giant financial news company. Truth is, at our core, we’re

The frontend is broken

One of the most sweeping changes to be ushered into our lives in the digital age is the ease with which new products, websites and apps can be created and

Implementing a GraphQL gateway with Fastify

Apollo introduced federated GraphQL services a little less than a year ago, answering the need to implement GraphQL in a microservice architecture. The previous solution, schema stitching, had too many

A closer look at the business benefits of serverless

Forward-thinking business leaders are turning to serverless systems to maximise their use of the cloud. Companies looking to expand their business offerings, services or capabilities invariably come up against the

Node.js and the struggles of being an EventTarget

In recent years, Node.js has seen increasing adoption of standard browser application programming interfaces (APIs), such as the WHATWG-compliant URL implementation, the TextEncoder/TextDecoder API or the Console API that now

A closer look at Fastify v3.0.0

Fastify is a Web Framework for Node.js that focuses on performance and developer experience. Fastify is similar to Express, Hapi and Restify, and is now ready for its v3.0.0 release,

How to improve JWT performance in Node.js

Every day, individuals around the world use and send personal and sensitive information to an increasing number of remote services and every day, those services receive an increasing volume

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