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Making complex state management easy with XState

Simplify state machines and statecharts with JavaScript Let's look at managing application state from a different perspective. If you’re a frontend developer or a backend developer, you probably deal

Red Hat at NodeConf Remote

NodeConf Remote 2021 preview: 4 must-see talks Red Hat is heading to NodeConf Remote, 18-21 October 2021, to demonstrate a few of our favorite production-quality tools and solutions, all

Microsoft Loves NodeConf Remote 2021

NodeConf is something we look forward to every single year. The Node.js community is vibrant, diverse, and inclusive, and we love that we can help make NodeConf happen and

Event Loop Utilization with HPA

Horizontal Pod Autoscaling in Kubernetes using Event Loop Utilization of Node.js applications At NearForm, we build and operate Node.js applications at scale, and we often scale them up and

Introducing new crypto capabilities in Node.js

Node.js offers powerful new capabilities for generating random UUIDs and random prime numbers. Much has been happening in the Node.js crypto subsystem lately. We introduced you to Node.js's new

Using AbortSignal in Node.js

The AbortController and AbortSignal APIs are quickly becoming the standard mechanism for cancelling asynchronous operations in the Node.js core API.

NearForm at OpenJS World 2021

OpenJS World 2021 features contributions from no fewer than five NearForm speakers. Scheduled for June 2, OpenJS World is a global virtual conference where JavaScript professionals connect with community

Using Fastify on Google Cloud Run

A closer look at using HTTP/2, WebSockets and Server Sent Events with Fastify on Google Cloud Run Google recently announced end-to-end HTTP/2, WebSockets and streaming support in their Cloud

Getting to know HKDF

The HMAC-based Key Derivation Function makes modern cryptographic capabilities easier for Node.js developers. Although the HMAC-based Key Derivation Function (HKDF) is not new (the specification for it, RFC 5869

Managing load in Node.js with under-pressure

The Fastify plugin under-pressure offers a simple solution to detect if a Node.js application is under load and apply a circuit-breaking mechanism. When Node.js was created in 2009, it

Uncovering secrets in Fastify

Learn how the fastify-secrets-* plugins let web apps access secrets from different storage mechanisms inside Fastify applications.

Unraveling the CORS mystery

A seasoned backend developer corrects misconceptions about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), a technology often suggested as a solution to fix the backend.

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