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    Announcing Pino V5.0.0

    If you’ve not heard of Pino before, it’s a low-overhead, newline-delimited-JSON logger with close compatibility to Bunyan. The idea behind Pino is to provide the lowest overhead JSON logging possible in order to keep Node’s event-loop as free as possible to handle the most critical work, such as request-handling. For information on Pino, in general, see Pino –…

    David Clements
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    Collect fast Pino logs in an Azure Event Hub

    Collect fast Pino logs in an Azure Event Hub

    Jan-Jan Vandervyver
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    Sematext Guest Post: PINO – The Fastest Node.js Logger for Production

    Guest post by Stefan Thies from Sematext. Thanks Stefan. During the Node Interactive event in Amsterdam we had the pleasure of speaking with Matteo Collina from nearForm about the blazingly fast logger “Pino”. In this post we’ll share our insights into Pino and the additional steps required to have a reliable and fast log management…

  • The Cost of Logging

    The Cost of Logging

    At NearForm, we like to scratch our own itch, and we build tools based on the needs of our customers and our own needs as consultants. When David Mark Clements and myself were in London conducting a performance training and consulting engagement with Net-A-Porter, we noticed that the routes which were logging more were the slowest ones. Moreover,…

    Blog, Node.js, Open Source | 2nd August 2016
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