NodeConf EU: Announcing Katie Stockton Roberts from BBC
By Sean Walsh

Speaker announcement!

The NodeConf EU agenda is packed with experts in the fields of coding and software development. We’re delighted to introduce you to those experts on NodeCrunch. Katie Stockton Roberts is a JavaScript developer at the BBC and has helped bring the software systems of this huge corporation into the 21st century.


In her talk, Katie will explain how she transformed the BBC’s legacy software using the strangler pattern. You will learn how to apply the strangler pattern to your own legacy software, and just as importantly, when to apply it. The insights from her talk will help you move from a monolithic to microservice-based architecture.

Katie Stockton Roberts has worked as a JavaScript developer for over 10 years. As part of her role as Development Lead for Knowledge and Learning at the BBC, she has developed innovative products such as Bitesize and BBC Earth. With her knowledge of Node.js and cloud-based microservices, she has helped to enhance and improve the performance of the BBC’s legacy software systems.

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