Ideas, insights and perspectives from inside the world of enterprise software development

Our 5-step Design Journey

Our 5-step approach in taking organisations on a design journey At NearForm, we follow a 5-step approach in taking

Speeding up React SSR: Announcing ESX

Improve Server-Side Rendering throughput with ESXReact is a hugely popular frontend framework that revolutionised the frontend development world.As a Principal

Introducing GraphQL Hooks

At NearForm we love React, and since the release of React Hooks we’ve been busy building cool new things with them.

Animation in React

Animating your React apps doesn't have to be a hassle. With these helpful components and prebuilt animation keyframes, you'll

Say Hello to React Browser Hooks

React Browser Hooks ‘React Browser Hooks’ is an Open Source library containing several custom hooks that integrate with common

Utility-first CSS with Tailwind

An introduction to Tailwind Utility-first CSS is the notion of composing many small utilitarian classes together. With this, the aim



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