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Supporting security in open source

Companies need to incentivise maintainers to keep open source software secure.Every enterprise today is using open source software (OSS) or software with open source components, with Facebook, Google and IBM

Investing for the future

NearForm has secured investment that will fuel rapid international expansion and accelerate the company’s mission to build better software, faster. Dublin, Ireland - 16th February, 2021: Global software development

Load testing with Autocannon

Already one of the fastest tools available for testing web-server performance, Autocannon gets even faster with new access to Node.js worker threads. To ensure a blazing fast web server,

Microsoft Loves NodeConf Remote 2020

NodeConf is something we look forward to every year. The Node.js community is vibrant, diverse and inclusive, and we love that we can help make NodeConf happen and bring the

Changing the game for performance

Earlier in 2020, NearForm was asked by the company behind a highly popular online casual game to help identify areas to optimise in the game infrastructure to reduce costs

Join IBM at NodeConf Remote 2020

NodeConf Remote is coming 2 November, and while it will be a bit different this year with everybody being remote, it will continue to be a premier showcase and

Red Hat at NodeConf Remote 2020

Red Hat is heading to NodeConf Remote to partner with IBM in demonstrating a few of our favorite production-quality tools and solutions, all designed to help your team maintain productivity

Bloomberg at NodeConf Remote 2020

At Bloomberg, we <3 Open Source. This might come as a shock to those who view Bloomberg solely as a giant financial news company. Truth is, at our core, we’re

What to expect at OpenJS World 2020

OpenJS World, the annual conference event from the OpenJS Foundation, goes virtual this year, bringing together leaders, contributors and members of the JavaScript and web development world for two days

Open-sourcing an open banking reference app

An Open Banking Reference App with Real World Applications Key to continually developing capabilities is recognising new opportunities to apply what we’ve learned in new and innovative ways. Recently,

5 Ways You’re Already Using Open Source

Open Source Software is Everywhere Many companies today remain wary of open source software (OSS), despite the reality that it powers key business activities for some of the world’s

What is InnerSource anyway?

As open source adoption continues to grow in enterprises today (it is soon expected to surpass proprietary software adoption), InnerSource is gaining momentum thanks to the wide range of

Hapi: A Performance deep-dive

Improving hapi performance in real-world use cases Recently we were tasked with investigating performance with the popular web framework hapi. Performance means a lot of different things, but we wanted

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