Nscale version 0.10.1 has landed
By Peter Elger

The latest release of nscale, nearForm’s open source deployment management tool kit, has just gone live.

What’s new?

We’ve been ramping up support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) since the earliest versions. This release marks a milestone in this regard: nscale now offers full AWS support.


The latest release of nscale, nearForm’s open source deployment management tool kit

We did some housekeeping while we were at it and tidied up the configuration file.

nscale now also provides basic support for DigitalOcean – check out this tutorial.

We’re also very excited that nscale now comes with support for full bare metal deployment. Another enhancement is the status command: you can now view a list of the containers that are built on any nscale server.


Debugging has been stepped up since the last version: we’ve improved debug logging in the container and kernel files. We’ve also made enhancements to versioning. Nscale now supports semantic versioning of containers through package.json.

In this week’s release, we’ve also added an AWS workshop to the nscale documentation. The workshop contains an example system and instructions on how to set up nscale for AWS deployments.


What’s next?

The team here is already busy working on next week’s release, which will include improved Git integration and enhanced developer workflow.


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