NodeConf EU: Speaker announcement Michael Paulson from Netflix!
By Sean Walsh

Speaker announcement!

NodeConf EU, Europe’s premier conference dedicated to all things node, is just around the corner. nearForm has put together a stellar lineup of speakers for this year’s programme. In the coming weeks on NodeCrunch, we’ll be revealing some of those speakers and what you can expect to hear during their talks.


We’re excited to tell you about one of those top speakers, Michael Paulson. Michael is a senior software engineer with Netflix, the video-streaming service that has helped revolutionize the way we watch movies and TV shows.

In his talk, Michael will challenge the dominance of JSON as a data exchange format. Michael will present a new Google technology called Flatbuffers, which he believes offers a real alternative to JSON. He’ll show you how Flatbuffers can help you turbo-charge your web applications

Michael is responsible for developing libraries, TV and Node.js at Netflix. He specialises in JavaScript, with a strong focus on data and product experience. He is passionate about open-source software and regularly contributes to open-source technology.

Make sure you book your tickets for Michael Paulson and our other brilliant speakers straight away – you’ll be glad you did. The last batch of tickets is now on sale.

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