Node.js Bootcamp Series – Modules Talk
By Des Martin

Node.js Bootcamp

nearForm is pleased to announce the first talk in its Node.js Bootcamp series, which will center on modules. Industry experts David Mark Clements and Luca Maraschi will host this live talk on Wednesday June 29 at 16:00 BST and 11:00 EST.


Luca and David will demonstrate the best ways to use modules when creating enterprise and OSS stacks. They will explain how the Node.js module system works and will show you how to write your own modules. During the session, you can expect expert advice, live coding and insightful discussion around the evolution of JavaScript and Node.js modularity.


David Mark Clements and Luca Maraschi are both members of nearForm’s Tiger team, the expert training, consultancy and tooling arm of nearForm. David is the author of the hugely popular Node Cookbook. This book is now in its second edition, with a third on its way. Luca is also extremely active in the Node.js community and supports the post-mortem working group.

Register now for this highly interactive live talk. To register, just follow the link: Here.

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