New hire: Rory Walsh
By Cian O'Maidin

We’re delighted to welcome to nearForm software architect Rory Walsh. Rory is a former start-up co-founder and DevOps evangelist with a passion for Node.js, open source, high scalability, RESTful architecture, NoSQL solutions, cloud-based services and big data.

Rory Walsh

Rory’s overriding mission in his professional life is to erase the traditional dividing line between Development and Operations in software companies. He strives to help create environments where cross-disciplinary teams are singularly focused on bringing maximum value to customers.

After completing a Masters degree in Communications Software, Rory took on a position at Catch (now Betapond), where he was responsible for designing, building and managing multimedia discovery services using open source tools on a Linux platform.

In subsequent experience in the games sector, Rory expanded his expertise in creating highly scalable, cloud-based infrastructures using leading edge technologies such as NoSQL and Python.

Rory went on to be co-founder and CEO of SixMinute, an independent game development studio that specializes in iOS, Android and Facebook. Of his experience as a start-up co-founder, Rory says:

“I think that founding a tech start-up is one of the most fascinating and exciting journeys anyone involved in business and technology can take. It allows you to fully understand the value chain of your sector and ensure you are truly delivering your customers’ needs”.

As the latest addition to nearForm’s stable of team members with a start-up founder background, Rory and his arrival at nearForm can only mean good things for our customers on the road to achieving their business goals.

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