New hire at nearForm: Damian Beresford
By Paul Savage

It’s very busy on the hiring front at nearForm these days.

This week we’re delighted to welcome our latest new hire, software architect Damian Beresford.

Damian Beresford

Damian comes to us with over twenty years’ experience at all stages of software development.

A large part of his experience comes from the start-up world, which makes him a perfect fit for nearForm. Like the rest of our development team, his big software passions at the moment are

Node.js and micro-services. His interests also include Linux, open source, cloud, web services, high availability, agile software development and mobile.

What are his plans in his new role? Damian tells us: “I’m looking forward to being at the forefront of how micro-services are disrupting enterprise software development, particularly using Node.js, Docker and other emerging technologies. I’m also really happy about nearForm’s big commitment to open source. This is something I’m deeply involved in as well.”

“It’s an exciting time in the industry, and nearForm are right at the heart of the action”.

Damian knows what it’s like to be in at the start of exciting new organizations. Back in the early noughties, he was one of the original founders of SteelTrace, where he was responsible for architecting and building a suite of enterprise requirements capture and management products. SteelTrace was acquired in 2006 by Compuware for $20 million.

Most recently, he was Senior Software Developer at start-up success story FeedHenry. FeedHenry was acquired earlier this year by Red Hat for approximately $79 million.

Damian has already been hard at work at nearForm. He’s just back from Ottawa, Canada, where he delivered a five-day training course on Node.js, Docker, and production delivery of micro-services.

You can find Damian on GitHub  and  Twitter.

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