“You need to be this tall to use Microservices”
By Agata Surgot

July’s Microservices Dublin Meetup welcomes Matthias Laug to share his thoughts on Microservices. The meetup will be hosted at Gilt Groupe headquarters. Please register for the event here.

About this Microservices Talk – ‘You need to be this tall to use Microservices’

We are very pleased to announce guest speaker Matthias Laug, presenting “Microservices: You need to be this tall to use.”



“There is a short article from Martin Fowler about how tall you need to be to use MicroServices. Making those kinds of statements are important, since we see a lot of MicroService envy in the industry where people fail miserably because they wanted to adapt early while not fully understanding the prerequisites for MicroService architectures.


While I totally agree with his points, I must call them incomplete. MicroServices aren’t just a technology decision. In my opinion it is first of all a cultural decision. Developers’ minds get blown if they need to think in terms of tiny single-purpose applications as part of a bigger complete system which is in constant movement and micromanagement isn’t doing good here.

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The talk aims to introduce some key drivers for a good culture that fits the MicroService architecture as well as the technology decisions that have been made at takeaway.com to be ready to go from monolith to MicroServices. Will I mention Conway’s Law? Sure I will!”

Matthias Laug

A little bit about Matthias

Matthias LaugMatthias studied computer science at TU Berlin and majored in artificial intelligence. In 2010 he joined the founding team of Lieferando as CTO. Since then he put the application through multiple architectural evolutions; current one is the adoption of Microservices. Matthias is born and raised in the Ruhrgebiet (Datteln) and if you like it or not is a great supporter of Schalke04, still loves coding after 10 years and enjoys using cutting edge technologies.



When and Where?

July’s monthly Microservices Dublin meetup will be taking place on Wednesday the 29th.

The meetup will be hosted at Gilt Groupe headquarters 2 Shelbourne Buildings, Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4. Doors open at 6:30pm so get in early and get a good seat. To register for the event click here.


About Our Microservices meetups

We run these meetups to bring people together who have  an interest in microservices at all levels, with the aim of building up a community of expertise. It enables people to gain knowledge and ideas, and get to know each other in a relaxed setting.

Matthias’ talk will be followed by a questions and answers session, rounded off with the opportunity to chat and socialize.

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