nearForm welcomes open source software heavyweight Colin Ihrig
By Paul Savage

I’m delighted to announce that Colin Ihrig has joined the team at nearForm.

Colin Ihrig

Colin needs no introduction to anyone in the Node.js and open source software worlds. As a Node.js core collaborator and a member of the Node.js Core Technical Committee, Colin brings a profound level of Node.js knowledge and experience to nearForm.

He most recently worked at WalmartLabs, the e-commerce division of US retail giant Walmart. There, he developed e-commerce APIs powered by the hapi.js framework.

He collaborated on the highly popular and widely used Node.js fork io.js, was a member of the io.js Technical Committee, and is a core team member for hapi.

Colin is also a published author, both in his own right and in collaboration with others. His publications include Pro Node.js for Developers (Apress, 2013) and Full Stack JavaScript Development With MEAN (SitePoint, 2015).

Colin tells us: “nearForm’s dedication to open source software was my main reason for wanting to work here. Another reason is that the team seems like an awesome bunch of people who are doing interesting work in Node.js. My goal while working here is to increase nearForm’s presence in open source, particularly around Node core.”

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