nearForm brings new Node.js technology meetup to Waterford
By Orla Shanaghy

Last night saw an all-new gathering in nearForm’s home city of Waterford, Ireland: the first Node.js Waterford meetup. Organised and run by nearForm, the meetup arose from the realisation that the small, growing hub of

Node.js technology expertise that is concentrated in Waterford could support a full-scale meetup on the topic. </span>

And the realisation was backed up by the high attendee numbers, the quality of the speakers and talks, and the lively informal discussion that ensued afterwards over beer and chips.

Nodejs Waterford Meetup 1

Speakers at the meetup were David Mark Clements and Michele Capra, both of whom work for nearForm. David, who is the author of Node Cookbook, gave a great presentation titled ‘Ten Tips for Triumphant Noding‘. Michele stirred up a lot of interest with his talk, ‘Little Bits and Node.js‘ and his demonstration of Little Bits and an Arduino

nearForm community manager Agata Surgot, who organised the event along with nearForm office manager Catherine Bradley, was delighted with the success of the event. Agata says: “It was great to see so many new and familiar faces at the meetup. There was a great, relaxed atmosphere and people commented afterwards how much they had gained from the talks”. nodejswaterfordmeetup1

nearForm CEO Cian Ó Maidín, who chaired the event, says: “It was great to see a group of around 50 people from the Waterford community at the meetup. We have something that can be built on – perhaps a monthly event is next!”

Check out the live tweets from the event on Twitter at #nodewaterford.

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