Join Matteo Collina at muCon for his talk “Scaling State”
By Matteo Collina

Scaling State

I am excited to be joining muCon London where I will be sharing my thoughts on scaling state. Microservices allow us to develop systems based on small, heterogeneous components. Microservice systems are stateless which we can start and destroy at will. How to build (pseudo) real-time systems? How can we deliver real-time changes to our date? How can we interconnect two clients via a duplex connection? In my “Scaling State” talk, we will walk through a well-known technique to arrange live and dynamic data: the consistent hashring. We will walk through Upring, a framework to build applications on top of the hashring.



The best thing about being part of the microservices community at muCon is the diversity of the approaches being presented.  The microservices field is still extremely young and there are multiple and different ways in which we could implement this new architectural pattern.

At muCon 2016 I most look forward to learning about the novelty from last year’s event. Seeing what has changed, what others have learned and how others are solving the same problems is what thrills me the most.

My talk will be enjoyed by anyone who is interested in distributed systems, databases and whoever wants to delve a bit into new ideas. In “Scaling State” we will question the role of infrastructure in microservices architecture. Can we build the infrastructure as microservices?

I think the most anticipated/exciting development within the microservices community over the next 12 months will be a consolidation of the methodologies and the technologies used in real projects. We will see a convergence of transfer protocols, as an example. On the other end, I am very happy to read the crystal ball for you.

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