Micromonitor reaping huge rewards as nearForm moves all developers to four inch screens!
By Paul Savage

Smaller screens equal smaller, more targeted microservices, finds an nearForm internal study. In a stroke of pure brilliance, the nearForm CTO decided to test the effect smaller screens has on the quality of code produced by the nearForm team.

In an internal review both before and after the introduction of smaller screens, it has been observed that microservices that are written and maintained on smaller screens tend to be better designed and more targeted. We will be introducing four inch monitors to the entire nearForm team over the coming months.

“The breakthrough came when we realized that the larger monitors we were using were actually affecting developers, causing them to build large monolithic applications,”

says nearForm CTO Richard Rodger.

“By simply forcing a team of crack developers to only code on their smartphones we found that they simply could not write Node.js modules with more than ten lines”.



This breakthrough may even help answer the key question posed by microservice guru Fred George: “What is a microservice?”.

nearForm Head of Engineering Peter Elger says:

“To build on this early success, nearForm has started a new development project where the font size being used by developers will be increased by a half point each day until they achieve coding Nirvana. We expect that microservices of less than a single line of code are possible – however this is still only a theory.”


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