Major Drive for Node.js Training and Education in the UK
By Cian O'Maidin

Today we’re pleased to announce that the UK’s leading open source training provider Skills Matter  and Europe’s leading Node.js specialist nearForm  have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide Node.js Training across the UK.


nearForm are community leaders in Node.js in Europe.

For almost 3 years, nearForm has been helping Enterprises to adopt Node.js through Node.js Training, consulting, and co-development. Founded in 2011, nearForm found that early adoption in Node.js was taking place mostly in the US, however over the past 12 months the signs of wider adoption are starting to appear in Europe.

“Our business has traditionally been focused on the US market, however we’ve seen a growing need for Node.js in the UK as Node.js continues to grow. We’re hugely excited to form this partnership with an important player in the open source movement. Skills Matter align closely with our values of community leadership and enablement”

  • Cian Ó Maidín, CEO nearForm


The growth trajectory of Node.js is like no programming language in history, and the potential to increase developer productivity is truly staggering.

Enterprises adopting Node.js are realising a 2x increase in productivity on the web-tier of their technology offerings. A classical division that has emerged in software has been that web-tier and frontend development teams become split because they use different languages. Node.js means that teams can now be joined through the de-facto language of the web:- Javascript. The use of Node.js grew over 1,000 % in 2013 and the rate of growth is increasing, large-scale adoption of Node.js is taking place in E-Commerce, Financial Services, Enterprise and Industrial Internet.

Skills Matter is a highly social, innovative tech company, with a mission to support and drive innovation in enterprise software development.

It does this by bringing smart and creative people together in an environment that encourages conversation and collaboration, resulting in ideas. Skills Matters’ work supports a 50,000 strong community of passionate developers, and each year in collaboration with the world’s leading software developers, technologists and agilists, it runs nearly 2,000 expert talks, tech meetups, hackathons, expert workshops and conferences.

Skills Matter has also been a trailblazer in the growth of London’s Tech City and is an advisor to the Tech City advisory board, chaired by the Prime Minister’s Office at No. 10 Downing Street.

 Node.js Training Courses offered initially by nearForm will be:

  1.  An Introduction to Node.js and
  2. Advanced Node.js, courses will commence in July 2014

For more information please email

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