NearForm worked with i-Sight to re-envisage its data management system, delivering an enhanced user experience for its growing customer base.

The Challenge

Helping large enterprises around the world to handle their legal caseloads, i-Sight is a leading provider of data management solutions for incidents and investigations. Due to a significant increase in demand for its services, the company’s existing platform began to show strain. The 15-year-old legacy system, based on Domino Lotus Notes, simply could not cope with the pressure of i-Sight’s expanding portfolio. The company needed to migrate to a new system, one that would deliver powerful performance and responsive design at scale but also guarantee tight access controls to protect sensitive client data.

The Response

NearForm’s customer-first process ensured that user experience and security were central to all proposed solutions. Working closely with i-Sight, we developed a customised migration path in tandem with the new Node.js system to facilitate the secure transfer of data. The new platform was designed as a reusable core framework in which client projects are implemented as separate instances, allowing them to work independently. NearForm also devised a flexible and robust data-level, access control mechanism, enabling the system to evaluate permissions for individual records and filter the results before being returned to the developer.

The Results

Once feature-complete, NearForm implemented a two-pronged approach for roll out. New clients were given immediate access to the modernised system while existing accounts were carefully guided through a staged migration to create a seamless transition. The highly responsive i-Sight platform was delivered on time and on budget and has surpassed client expectations for improved performance and watertight security.

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