Launching Ireland’s first ever Microservices meetup
By Catherine Bradley

The much anticipated inaugural Microservices Dublin meetup took place last Tuesday evening, February 24th, in the Engine Yard offices in Dublin.

Speakers on the night were Adrian Trenaman from Gilt Groupe; Fred George, known worldwide as “the father of microservices”; and nearForm CTO Richard Rodger, who was also MC for the night.

Microservices Meetup

Richard Rodger, Peter Elger and Cian O’Maidin

With the high attendance and buzzing atmosphere on Tuesday night, Microservices Dublin is already establishing itself as the main monthly event in Ireland’s microservices community.

Attendees at Microservices Meetup

Attendees at the inaugural Microservices Dublin meetup

First up was Adrian Trenaman, who treated us to his “architectural meanderings” around microservices. He spoke on the lessons that Gilt learned going down the microservices route, explaining that:

“When you want to do something great, you need to build your own servers.”- Adrian Trenaman

When Gilt moved from being a Java house to a Scala house, the microservices explosion took off. Adrian advised that creating a staging environment for multiple teams is challenging and spoke at length about ownership of services.

Adrian Trenaman speaking at Microservices Meetup

Speaker Adrian Trenaman

It was great to see some questions from the floor turn into thought provoking solutions. Adrian was passionate about creating a culture based on trust and freedom; as he said:

“When you let smart people do what they want, you allow engineering anarchy to flourish.” - Adrian Trenaman

Adrian’s full presentation is here and video footage is available here.

nearForm CTO Richard Rodger, who was a guest speaker at microXchg, the microservices conference in Berlin, just last week, was up next. He told us how, at nearForm, he has learned that:

“Node.js pushes you in the direction of microservices.” - Richard Rodger

Richard Rodger speaking at Microservices Meetup

Speaker, event MC and nearForm CTO Richard Rodger

Richard spoke about measuring what counts in microservices. He addressed the question of why we use microservices and pointed out that fundamentally, it’s all about reducing risk. He also suggested that for anyone thinking of learning code this year, TLA+ is an interesting language to learn. See Richard’s full presentation here and watch his talk in full here.

Fred George was likewise fresh off the back of the Berlin microservices conference. Known as the “father of microservices”, Fred started writing code in 1968 and needs no introduction in the microservices world.

Fred George speaking at Microservices Meetup

Speaker Fred George, the “father of microservices”

He gave attendees a broad view of the microservices concept in action, from deconstructing the database to an analogy based on “rapids, rivers and ponds”, and spoke about Netflix as an example of a live system. You can watch his talk here.

The next Microservices Meetup for Dublin takes place on Tuesday March 31, 2015 in Gilt Groupe offices, Shelbourne Road, Dublin. Registration is open now – sign up here.

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