Join us at FullStack London 2018


FullStack 2018 conference returns to London in its fifth edition during July and is now the go-to JavaScript, Node, Angular and IoT conference in London. If youre heading along be sure to check out the talks and workshops from the nearForm team. We have a super line-up this year and we are proud sponsors of this years event.

My Node Process is on Fire – Matteo Collina (Day 1)

This talk is a journey into the world of Node.js performance, taking a look at the available tools and optimization techniques inspired by insight gained from glimpsing under the hood of Node and V8.

Ivan Jovanovic – Micro Frontends – A Microservice Approach To The Modern Web (Day 2)

There is an innovative way to migrate from the old technology, to change the applications step by step and to implement all new things that the cool kids are using. Ivan will share with you the story of Micro Frontends, a microservice approach to the modern web, the story that will change the way you look and develop your apps!

Matteo Collina & David Mark Clements – The Node.js Performance Workshop (Day 3)

Youve been discovering how to write performant JavaScript in Node.js since the beginning. Before you knew how it was it done it all seemed so magical. But as you became better at understanding fast-scrolling text littered with hex addresses we began a journey to solidify your approach and share it with others. Your primary strategy? Build tools that make optimizing Node easier, then formalize a workflow process around those tools.

The workshop is extremely interactive. You make sure that each participant solves several performance issues in a given HTTP application. Your methods and tools include 0x for flamegraph generation, autocannon for HTTP/1.1 benchmarking, v8 trace analysis, and bytecode interpretation all within a structured analysis workflow.

You can check out the full line up here and keep up to date by following #FullStackCon on Twitter.

Be sure to call over to our booth while your there to find out more about what exciting stuff were up to, our current openings and life at nearForm. See you in July!