Fandango goes live with Node.js
By Cian O'Maidin

Monday 14th April 2014, US-Media company went live with the first phase of their strategy to adopt Node.js as the core part of its extensive technology platform.


Founded in 1997 Fandango have established themselves as a leader in online cinema ticket sales. With over 80% of all cinema tickets sold online in the USA sold through the website, Fandango are the market leaders in this space.

The original Fandango systems had been built using a traditional 3-tier web application built on Microsoft .NET/SQL Server stack. However, as Fandango business continued to grow in scale and complexity, Fandango began working on transforming the technology architecture to increase the pace of product evolution while increasing scalability and stability of the overall platform. Faced with the choice to build using their existing technology platform or to choose a new technology, Fandango selected Node.js.

According to Dima Volovik, CTO of Fandango, we choose Node.js primarily for the following reasons:

  • dramatically shorter development cycle
  • flexibility in deployment and easily scalable operating infrastructure
  • build from ground-up for distributed processing, enabling micro-services architecture
  • enable build/measure/learn principles
  • very large and rapidly growing number of modules
  • very active development community


nearForm facilitated the rollout and development of the new version of Fandango.

According to CEO – Cian Ó Maidín -

“We helped the team at Fandango on their journey to Node.js by teaching them the best practices and patterns we have developed over the past 3 years. As a company we have been 100% dedicated to Node since 2011 and we are uniquely positioned to help companies build and deploy systems using the deep and practical knowledge we have developed”.

The team at nearForm have built a very large number of Node production systems, in fact nearForm was so early in the open source project that as of September 2013 over 40% of all the Node programs ever written had modules that were written by members of the nearForm team.

nearForm helps companies all over the world to adopt Node.js through strategic consulting, training programs and co-development.

nearForm work with global brands across travel, e-commerce, enterprise and online media. Fandango has big plans for Node,

“over the coming year we plan to move the majority of over to Node,and we consider nearForm to be an important partner facilitating this process.”


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