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Making complex state management easy with XState

Simplify state machines and statecharts with JavaScript Let's look at managing application state from a different perspective. If you’re a frontend developer or a backend developer, you probably deal

Red Hat at NodeConf Remote

NodeConf Remote 2021 preview: 4 must-see talks Red Hat is heading to NodeConf Remote, 18-21 October 2021, to demonstrate a few of our favorite production-quality tools and solutions, all

Microsoft Loves NodeConf Remote 2021

NodeConf is something we look forward to every single year. The Node.js community is vibrant, diverse, and inclusive, and we love that we can help make NodeConf happen and

Event Loop Utilization with HPA

Horizontal Pod Autoscaling in Kubernetes using Event Loop Utilization of Node.js applications At NearForm, we build and operate Node.js applications at scale, and we often scale them up and

Winning the digital experience battle

Companies need to channel more of the trillions being spent on digital transformation into developing a digital experience that attracts and retains customers.

Owning the talent roadmap

Attract and retain talent with modern technology, a focus on developer experience and a positive company culture. In the current climate, every CTO understands the importance of hiring and

Is Agile the answer for health & life sciences?

Traditionally viewed as too unstructured for highly-regulated environments, Agile can keep organisations compliant while driving innovation. Accelerating innovation, costs and competition are forcing companies in the health and life

Introducing new crypto capabilities in Node.js

Node.js offers powerful new capabilities for generating random UUIDs and random prime numbers. Much has been happening in the Node.js crypto subsystem lately. We introduced you to Node.js's new

Engineering the frontend for digital excellence

To get your frontend under control, you must examine your structures and processes, as well as your technology. The online imperative the Covid-19 pandemic created has accelerated the blistering

Using AbortSignal in Node.js

The AbortController and AbortSignal APIs are quickly becoming the standard mechanism for cancelling asynchronous operations in the Node.js core API.

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