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Supporting security in open source

Companies need to incentivise maintainers to keep open source software secure. Every enterprise today is using open source software (OSS) or software with open source components, with Facebook, Google

Getting to know HKDF

The HMAC-based Key Derivation Function makes modern cryptographic capabilities easier for Node.js developers. Although the HMAC-based Key Derivation Function (HKDF) is not new (the specification for it, RFC 5869

The year we all went remote

How you worked before the pandemic could determine how successful your remote working experience has been since.

The design-led development advantage

Design-driven development can help you become more effective at meeting your customers’ needs and prime your business for ongoing, predictable success.

Managing load in Node.js with under-pressure

The Fastify plugin under-pressure offers a simple solution to detect if a Node.js application is under load and apply a circuit-breaking mechanism. When Node.js was created in 2009, it

Investing for the future

NearForm has secured investment that will fuel rapid international expansion and accelerate the company’s mission to build better software, faster. Dublin, Ireland - 16th February, 2021: Global software development

The promise of proven technology

Don't get distracted by shiny new technology. Here's why you need a compelling case for adopting new alternatives to established tech solutions.

Uncovering secrets in Fastify

Learn how the fastify-secrets-* plugins let web apps access secrets from different storage mechanisms inside Fastify applications.