Ideas, insights and perspectives from inside the world of enterprise software development

Using Expo to build a mobile app

A full stack web developer shares learnings from a recent Expo/react-native project. Expo is an open-source toolkit and platform that allows you to build a mobile application from a

NearForm at OpenJS World 2021

OpenJS World 2021 features contributions from no fewer than five NearForm speakers. Scheduled for June 2, OpenJS World is a global virtual conference where JavaScript professionals connect with community

MobX state management in React

Manage state outside of the view layer with ease MobX is a simple, scalable, boilerplate-free state management solution. It allows you to manage application state outside of any UI

Using Fastify on Google Cloud Run

A closer look at using HTTP/2, WebSockets and Server Sent Events with Fastify on Google Cloud Run Google recently announced end-to-end HTTP/2, WebSockets and streaming support in their Cloud

Supporting security in open source

Companies need to incentivise maintainers to keep open source software secure.Every enterprise today is using open source software (OSS) or software with open source components, with Facebook, Google and IBM

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