Ideas, insights and perspectives from inside the world of enterprise software development

Owning the talent roadmap

Attract and retain talent with modern technology, a focus on developer experience and a positive company culture. In the current climate, every CTO understands the importance of hiring and

The year we all went remote

How you worked before the pandemic could determine how successful your remote working experience has been since.

What is InnerSource anyway?

As open source adoption continues to grow in enterprises today (it is soon expected to surpass proprietary software adoption), InnerSource is gaining momentum thanks to the wide range of

Keeping Remote Workers Socially Connected

Helping Remote Workers feel connected, supported and engaged One common challenge we face within the NearForm HR team is finding ways to help remote workers in a fully-remote team feel

7 Lessons on a Journey to InnerSource

7 recommendations on how to embark on a successful journey to InnerSource With the increasing pressure to deliver new ideas, products and services faster and more efficiently, companies are

10 Tips for successful DevOps

Below is a summarized version of our original article 10 Recommendations for Making DevOps a Success at Dzone. A recent State of DevOps report shows that organizations which adopt

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