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  • Our 5-Step Design Sprint

    At NearForm, we embrace this 5-step design process and help organizations run effective design sprints with the goal of building better software that delivers tangible business outcomes. Find out more on how we can help your business deliver an amazing digital customer experience and improve results in a matter of weeks! We love new challenges....
  • The Super App of FinTech

    Find out how NearForm are using leading edge technologies to deliver sophisticated user experiences in the FinTech space
  • Accelerating Innovation at The Ambassador Theatre Group

    The Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) is the world’s number one live-theatre company with 45 venues in Britain, the US and Australia. With theatres such as The Savoy in London and The Lyric Theatre on Broadway New York, the group has a vision to become the destination of choice for customers wanting to experience live events.  Prioritising…

  • Our 5-step Design Journey

      You can also download our e-book, listen to our latest podcast on achieving optimum digital CX design or visit some of the related blog posts here

    Experience Design, Agile, UI UX, Video | 18th June 2019
  • Podcast: Different Perspectives with NearForm Smart CX – New Thinking for the Digital Customer Experience

     According to industry analysts such as Forrester, enterprises need to be doing a lot more to ensure their digital CX transformation efforts don’t stall. In this interview with NearForm’s Design Director James Malone and Technical Director Damian Beresford, we discuss what makes a great digital customer experience model, what sets the disruptors apart from…

  • Product Design in Modern Application Development

    The Five Ws of Product Design in Modern Application Development

    It’s been a few weeks since I started as a product designer for NearForm and I feel super lucky and humbled to share the same space with a group of amazing and talented designers as well as the talent of all the NearFormers—I know, it sounds much better than being a Googler, doesn’t it ?…

    Ivan Frantar
    Agile, Experience Design, Innovation, UI UX | 12th October 2018
  • Design-Sprint-Templates

    A guide to how we run Design Sprints at NearForm

    Design Sprint Templates create a shared understanding of the activities that occur in a Design Sprint and ensure the team gathers the necessary information in each phase of the Design Sprint.

  • The NearForm Design Sprint Handbook

    The NearForm Design Sprint Handbook

    Given how expensive software development is, the biggest cost saving in any of our engagements is to write as little software as possible!

    Damian Beresford
    Agile, eBook, Experience Design, UI UX | 30th November 2017
  • Measuring Emotions in Lean Product Design

    Measuring Emotions in Lean Product Design

    Why we should accurately measure the customers’ emotional response as part of the product design process.

    Joy Burke
  • How design sprints enable organisations to build better products

    How design sprints enable organisations to build better products

    nearForm facilitates 5 days Concept Sprints to define the Minimum Viable Product.

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