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  • All of the Bangle.js excitement including new community OSS apps already

    As we hoped, the attendees were blown away when they got their Bangle.js at NodeConf EU registration last Sunday. It’s always very satisfying when a project delivers for both your users and for yourselves. There were an huge number of tweets about the watch, some of which you can read below. Following the announcement,  Bangle.js…

    Conor O'Neill
    Open Source, Node.js, NodeConfEU | 20th November 2019
  • Workers in Node.js: How to write a sudoku-solving server

    One awesome thing about Node.js 12, which became the main Long Term Support release line in October 2019, is stable support for Worker threads. Workers are originally a feature of the Web, where they have enabled developers to run background tasks without blocking the Browser’s rendering thread for a long time. Similarly, in Node.js running…

    Anna Henningsen
    Node.js, Open Source | 12th November 2019
  • OpenJS Node.js Developer Certification: What to Expect

    In collaboration with the OpenJS Foundation and Nodesource it’s my pleasure to announce the launch of two certifications: the OpenJS Node Services Developer (JSNSD) and the OpenJS Node Application Developer (JSNAD). As technical lead and primary author on both certifications I’m going to discuss the driving principles used to create the certifications, along with the…

    David Clements
    Node.js, Open Source, Performance, Skills | 22nd October 2019
  • Tech Stack Talks : Building HospitalRun the Fastify Way!

    We love to hear how open source technologies that NearFormers have authored, contributed to or help maintain, are being used in live environments.  Here Maksim Sinik talks to us about HospitalRun, the open-access platform that aims to provide the most modern hospital information system to the less-resourced environments.  We hear about the challenges in building…

    Guest Maksim Sinik
    Fastify, Open Source, Performance | 14th October 2019
  • Cornerstones of Open Source

    Here are some perspectives I’ve developed about the nature of Open Source, its characteristics and how Open Source relates to the software industry. The aim of this post is to outline some of the discussions which Danese Cooper and I have been having on this topic, which will follow as a series. Ultimately, I’d like…

    Cian Ó’Maidín
    Open Source | 14th October 2019
  • 7 Lessons on a Journey to InnerSource

    With the increasing pressure to deliver new ideas, products and services faster and more efficiently, companies are asking themselves: Is our development model the best it could be?  Companies born in the digital world tend to have an inherent collaborative culture, using agile methodologies and open source ecosystems that drives a more efficient development model…

  • Lessons from a Journey to InnerSource with James McLeod at FINOS

    Danese Cooper talks to James McLeod, Director of Community at the FinTech Open Source Foundation – FINOS, about his journey to InnerSource at Lloyds Banking Group.  James recently joined FINOS to pioneer and educate the Financial Services adoption of Open Source.  In this podcast, you can learn how he overcame the challenges in establishing cross-functional…

  • Virtual Coffee With NearForm Director of DevOps, Alex Knol

    Alex has lived an interesting life. Born in Holland, he lived a little while in North Carolina. Upon moving back to Europe, he desired a warmer climate, so he and his wife moved to a property a few kilometers outside of a small Spanish town, overlooking the Mediterranean.  Now, Alex lives completely off the grid,...
    Virtual Coffee
  • How to use GraphQL in React using hooks

    What are Hooks? React Hooks, introduced in version 16.8.0, are reusable stateful logic functions. They aim to simplify the development of complex components by splitting them into small functional blocks that are easier to manage, test and reuse.  Using hooks removes the need for many abstractions like Higher Order Components (HOC) and render props. They…

  • In person with NearForm founder, Cian Ó Maidín

    GBI Events recently caught up with NearForm founder and CEO to talk disruption, Open Source, and how the global development community is directly supporting business transformation. What do you see as the biggest business challenges enterprises are facing right now into 2019? At a global level, there’s been a huge shift. All the systems on…

    Virtual Coffee
    Interviews, Culture, Node.js, Open Source | 20th June 2019
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