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  • NearForm Research

    NearForm Research – new Open Source Software R&D hub

    Dedicated team established to deliver major new advancements in open source software We are proud to announce the official launch of our R&D hub, NearForm Research, to further build on our existing commitment and contributions to the growth in Open Source Software.  The move follows the company’s long-standing active involvement in the creation of advanced…

  • QUIC

    A QUIC Update for Node.js

    In March of last year, thanks to support from NearForm and Protocol Labs, I started the process of implementing Node.js support for the new QUIC protocol. This new UDP-based transport protocol is intended to ultimately replace the use of TCP for all HTTP traffic. Anyone familiar with UDP should, at this point, rightfully question why…

    James Snell
    Javascript, Node.js, Open Source | 12th February 2020
  • Clinic.js rises to the top in diagnosing Node.js performance issues

    Clinic.js is being used more often by developers and organisations in helping pinpoint performance bottlenecks.  Here we take a look at some recent instances in which it is having a profound effect and what others have to say about what makes it unique.  We hope this gives you a better idea of how it might…

    Conor O'Neill
  • James Snell NearForm Research

    Virtual Coffee with James Snell – Head of NearForm Research

    James Snell has been with NearForm since March 2017 and is based in Central California, near Fresno.  He works closely with Conor O’Neill to lead NearForm Research. Here we caught up with him on everything from Open Source projects to California wildfires and he also gives us a quick intro to the current work on HTTP/3...
    Virtual Coffee
    Interviews, Node.js, Open Source | 11th February 2020
  • Conor O Neill NearForm

    Virtual Coffee with Conor O’Neill – Chief Product Officer at NearForm Research

    As joint head of NearForm Research, and Chief Product Officer of NearForm, Conor O’Neill is responsible for connecting the activities of the Research teams to NearForm's overall innovation strategy. When he’s not elbow-deep in technology, he’s outside running. Conor has completed 23 marathons and will (hopefully) have completed all six of the World Marathon Majors...
    Virtual Coffee
  • James Snell NearForm Research

    Fireside chat with James Snell: Tech Talk Video

    James Snell - Head of research at NearForm, chats about some of the key goals and objectives of NearForm Research, his work on the QUIC implementation and how to get involved with the project. James has 20+ years' experience in the software industry and is a well-known figure in the global Node.js community. He has...
  • Danese Cooper NearForm

    Fireside chat with Danese Cooper: Tech Talk Video

    Danese Cooper, VP of Special Initiatives at NearForm chats about her journey through the evolution of Open Source during her career from Linux to Apple to Sun and Paypal. Danese touches on some of the key drivers of greater Open Source contributions and InnerSource - from the bottlenecks of internal politics and the dangers of...
    Video, InnerSource, NodeConfEU, Open Source | 30th January 2020
  • Fireside chat with Matteo Collina: Tech Talk Video

    Katie Roberts chats with Matteo Collina, Principal Architect at NearForm about how he first got into node, major, his top 3 PR's to date, some of the significant opportunities for node for the next 3 years and advice on becoming an open source contributor. As a Technical Director at NearForm, Matteo Collina consults for some...
    Performance, Node.js, NodeConfEU, Video | 22nd January 2020
  • Fastify Overview with Matteo Collina: Tech Talk Video

    Matteo Collina took some time at Node+JS Interactive Montreal to give us an update on incubating project Fastify.   Video courtsey of OpenJS Foundation.
    Video, Fastify, Node.js, Open Source, Performance | 20th January 2020
  • Fireside chat with Anna Henningsen: Tech Talk Video

    Anna Henningsen chats about her work with NearForm Research, Code & Learn workshops, QUIC & proudest contribution to Node. Filmed on-site at NodeConf EU 2019.
    Video, Node.js | 9th January 2020
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