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  • Five Ways Node.js Benefits Today’s Digital Enterprise

    Prior to the cloud, software was built and delivered as single monolithic units requiring dedication of significant resources capable of running for months, or even years, without restart. Building cloud-native projects requires a shift in paradigm to a model of continuous delivery and continuous evolution of decomposed microservices that the previous generation of runtimes was...
    Node.js, eBook, Open Source, Performance | 8th February 2019
  • 5 Guidelines to Boost the Security of Modern Applications

    With software at the heart of today's digital business, the pressure of getting applications to market faster increases. However, security cannot be sacrificed for speed so a holistic approach needs to be adopted.   As business adoption of cloud technology and open source software increases, security teams are finding it increasingly challenging to determine whether...
    eBook, Security | 20th December 2018
  • Nearform 5 Day Design Sprint

    Download the 5 Day Design Sprint

    eBook | 27th August 2018
  • The NearForm Design Sprint Handbook

    The NearForm Design Sprint Handbook

    Given how expensive software development is, the biggest cost saving in any of our engagements is to write as little software as possible!

    Damian Beresford
    Agile, eBook, Experience Design, UI UX | 30th November 2017
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