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  • Invision Studio, Framer, Supernova, Protopie… A tour of the prototyping tools available.

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  • It’s time for OSS to embrace Design-Led Development

    A Design Sprint helped the Node Clinic team build a solution that answers user needs. It can help you too.

  • nearform Design Sprint Templates

    Design Sprint Templates create a shared understanding of the activities that occur in a Design Sprint and ensure the team gathers the necessary information in each phase of the Design Sprint.

    Joy Burke
  • The nearForm Design Sprint Handbook

    Given how expensive software development is, the biggest cost saving in any of our engagements is to write as little software as possible!

    Damian Beresford
    | 30th November 2017
  • Methods for improving your decision making process

    Master these straightforward steps and your decision making process will never be the same again

    Antoine Marin
  • Measuring Emotions in Lean Product Design

    Why we should accurately measure the customers’ emotional response as part of the product design process.

    Joy Burke
    | 26th September 2017
  • NearForm

    React Components Living Style Guides Overview

    An overview and comparison of various tools and approaches to create living style guides in context of React components development

    Grzegorz Pawlik
    | 11th July 2017
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