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  • nearform joins FINOS

    NearForm joins FINOS to drive forward global contributions to Open Source in Fintech

    As part of our very foundations and our passion to be involved in Open Source communities across the eco-system, we’ve been engaging with FINOS (Fintech Open Source Foundation) for some time – attending and speaking at events and meet-ups and learning how we can play our part.  So we’re delighted to make this official and…

  • Highlights from London Open Source Fintech Meetup with FINOS

    Last November we attended the FINOS Open Source Strategy Forum event in New York and were impressed with every aspect of it. The fact that InnerSource was mentioned in almost every single talk I attended was very encouraging. FINOS is the FinTech Open Source Foundation and is doing great work around finance and OSS. So…

    Conor O'Neill
  • The Super App of FinTech

    Find out how NearForm are using leading edge technologies to deliver sophisticated user experiences in the FinTech space
  • 7 Lessons on a Journey to InnerSource

    With the increasing pressure to deliver new ideas, products and services faster and more efficiently, companies are asking themselves: Is our development model the best it could be?  Companies born in the digital world tend to have an inherent collaborative culture, using agile methodologies and open source ecosystems that drives a more efficient development model…

  • Lessons from a Journey to InnerSource with James McLeod at FINOS

    Danese Cooper talks to James McLeod, Director of Community at the FinTech Open Source Foundation – FINOS, about his journey to InnerSource at Lloyds Banking Group.  James recently joined FINOS to pioneer and educate the Financial Services adoption of Open Source.  In this podcast, you can learn how he overcame the challenges in establishing cross-functional…

  • Future-of-webapps

    The Future of WebApps and the winners at FinJS & FinTech World Forum 12 years later

    This week I was lucky enough to attend both FinJS and the FinTech World Forum in London – two very different events but with lots of crossovers. A fun aspect for me about the latter was that it was held in the Kensington Conference Centre. The last time I was there was in 2007 for…

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