Ideas, insights and perspectives from inside the world of enterprise software development

Winning the digital experience battle

Companies need to channel more of the trillions being spent on digital transformation into developing a digital experience that attracts and retains customers.

The promise of proven technology

Don't get distracted by shiny new technology. Here's why you need a compelling case for adopting new alternatives to established tech solutions.

How to choose a digital partner

The ideal digital partner helps you to understand the potential of what you can achieve by leveraging technology. Here's how to find one:

The bottom line on accessible web products

In today’s digital world, an organisation’s online presence is vital to a successful business strategy. By building accessible web products, companies can reach a wider audience and gain increased visibility,

The age of accelerated delivery

Accelerated delivery of technology solutions is not just possible, it is now the standard — with both businesses and consumers seeing the benefits. Since its earliest forms, technology has

How open payments is changing the banking game

The advent of open banking introduced significant changes to the well-established financial services industry, offering greater opportunities for fintech challengers as well as legacy banks and, importantly, the sought-after consumers

Enabling the API banking revolution

Established banks and fintech startups are leveraging API banking opportunities to connect with more customers. As daily life is increasingly digitised, organisations of all sizes and across industries are

3 digital transformation strategy insights

Now well past its buzzword beginnings, digital transformation is a key enabler of the dynamic business development leading the charge into 2020. With 97 percent of IT decision-makers involved in

What to expect at FINJS New York 2020

FINJS New York will now take place on the rescheduled date of May 12th at the Edison Ballroom. Every year over a thousand FinTech professionals come to learn about innovative

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