Author: Andreas Madsen

  • WebAssembly Cephes – Mathematical special functions in JavaScript

    Using Emscripten to compile a WebAssembly version of Cephes, we finally have a fast and correct implementation of most mathematical special functions.

    Andreas Madsen
  • Building a Q&A machine learning model, for answering White House Press Briefing questions about Brexit, using Latent Dirichlet Allocation. Image: unsplash-logopalesa

    Andreas Madsen
    | 26th July 2018
  • Dynamic Intrusion Detection for Authorisation Systems like Udaru

    Developing an automated intrusion detection system for Udaru using statistical modelling.

    Andreas Madsen
  • NearForm Data Science – Exploration of recurrent units in RNN

    The challenges in making an autocomplete AI understand text, using recently developed techniques.

    Andreas Madsen
    | 9th April 2018
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