The Asynchronous Enterprise – Jason Melo, ADP at Microservices Day New York
By Conor O'Neill

If you haven’t watched the videos from our recent Microservices Day New York event, I recommend that you do. In addition to the superb individual talks by those solving real-world problems, the panel sessions highlight common challenges and approaches.

One of my favourites is the talk given by Jason Melo, from ADP about The Asynchronous Enterprise.

ADP is responsible for processing the payroll of almost 90% of professionals in the US and is the largest payroll and HR provider globally.

Jason is VP for Product Development at Lifion, which is effectively a startup incubated by ADP with the mission of disrupting ADP from the inside out. His talk is very focused on organisational challenges and how technology is only one component of using microservices as a pattern. A critical aspect of that is how governance and process foster velocity and innovation at scale.

The resulting tech story is impressive! 160+ microservices, 4000 running containers, 700+ EC2 hosts and 45k Kafka messages per second.


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